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Each company has its own preferences for how it wants to be or should be paid. That’s why Payson is making most payment solutions available to you so that you can get your online shop up and running – or for you to get paid by your customers for other reasons. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling – Payson can help you find the perfect payment solution for your specific needs.

Choose from multiple payment methods

Don’t make it difficult or inconvenient for your customers to pay – Payson lets you use anything from flexible checkout to seamlessly integrated payment buttons. Get started now by setting up a business PaysonAccount – you’ll be up and running within 24 hours!

Unsure which payment solution is right for you? Read more about our other payment options below.

Perfect if you…

  • Have an online shop and need an end-to-end checkout solution.
  • Sell online via auction pages and ads.
  • Want to get paid via a regular website or by e-mail.

Payson 1.0

Payson 1.0 is perfect for retailers who need a flexible payment solution. This gives your customer the option to use any payment method they want, such as card, bank, instalment and invoice. But it also leaves you free to customise which payment methods you wish to make available based on your company’s preferences. The payment screen in Payson 1.0 opens in a new tab and works equally well on all digital platforms. Get started simply and quickly with no locked-in period!


Get paid by e-mail

Do you need to get paid from buyers without having an online shop? By sending an e-mail to the buyer with a payment request, you will never need to provide any sensitive information and funds will be deposited quickly and seamlessly into your PaysonAccount.

Create payment button

Some businesses need a payment solution that doesn’t require an e-commerce system. With a payment button, you’re paid directly – and it’s up to you whether you want to place it on your website or in an e-mail message.