Payment services for associations

Handling cash in football clubs, sports associations, or hobby or leisure clubs easily cause reconciliation errors; you have to make change; and it can even entail security risks. Letting your members pay online instead by means of mobile payment solutions can therefore be a good alternative – and it makes it easier for both your association and your members.

With Payson as your payment service, your members can do exactly this with just a few taps on a button. It doesn’t matter if it concerns membership fees, sales, or perhaps sponsorships – Payson has the payment option that suits your association and your members’ needs. Also, have a look at our tool to find the right platform for your purposes with respect to websites, your online shop, or bookings.

Accept payment as an association

As an association, you can use Payson in many different ways. We have solutions that suit most organisations – from simple payment buttons to fully integrated solutions. Please contact our customer service department if you have any questions about our offerings.

  • Get started within 24 hours

    Getting started with Payson is simple. Register by following the instructions. Within one day, your application will have been reviewed and you’ll be ready to get started and get paid.*

  • Select the option that best suits your association

    Are you looking for a seamless and fast payment solution where invoicing has been pre-selected as the method of payment? Then, Payson Checkout is the perfect solution for you.*

  • All payment methods are included

    With Payson, your members will have the freedom to use whichever method they prefer – card, online transfer, or via invoice. Everything is compiled in the association’s account with Payson for simple reconciliation and bookkeeping.
* Instead of an incorporation certificate, you can just upload a copy of your association’s most recent meeting minutes. To offer invoice, you will need a guarantor, alternatively a 30-day delayed payment.