Payment options for e-commerce

Payson’s payment solution for e-commerce, PaysonCheckout, is designed to maximize the number of payments made. The solution supports all payment methods and has a nice design that is easy to understand.

As a business customer at Payson you will gain access to a series of smart functions in your PaysonAccount for businesses. Here you can for instance create monthly reports, keep track of your sales and manage transactions. There are current custom-made offers for those who run an e-shop under the tab “Marketing”. There you can also upload your shop to the page Local e-shops (in Swedish). Perfect for those who want to get help with additional marketing!


Choose the alternative that
suits you the most

Choose between the new PaysonCheckout 2.0, the payment solution that directly integrates with your e-shop and where all payment methods are automatically included. Or PaysonCheckout 1.0, the payment window without a binding period where you are allowed to be flexible about which payment methods you provide. Read more about PaysonCheckout below to see which version suits your needs the most!


New! PaysonCheckout2.0

The quick payment solution where invoice is preselected for increased conversion. The customer never leaves your e-shop and can make the purchase with just a couple of clicks!

  • All payment methods & maximizes sales
  • Built into your e-shop
  • Fee: 2.85% (excl. VAT)



A customized payment window where you can be flexible about which payment methods you provide. Perfect if you wish to get started extra fast without any binding period.

  • No binding period & choose if you want to activate invoice & partial payment (available for Swedish companies)
  • Opens in a new window
  • Fee: SEK 3 + 3%