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PaysonAccount makes it easier for you when you are selling and buying. With PaysonAccount you pay to the seller’s e-mail address – therefore, you can forget everything about complicated bank account numbers. You can choose from many different payment methods, e.g. your Internet bank or your credit card. When you are selling, you do not have to give away any sensitive account information and you will receive the payment directly, without any delays. Once you are logged in to your PaysonAccount, you can see your complete transaction history and administrate your payments.

  • Sell online

    By offering Payson as a payment method when you are selling online, e.g. on Tradera or Blocket, the buyer can make the payment in a secure and easy way to your PaysonAccount – you will immediately get notified about who has paid and can therefore quickly ship the goods! You do not need to give away sensitive information to the seller, like bank account information or your card number. This makes it more secure for the buyer to buy from you online.

  • Pay a purchase

    When you have won an auction or come to an agreement with the seller regarding a transaction, login to your PaysonAccount and go to “pay” under the headline “transfers”. Enter the seller’s e-mail address and the amount that you want to pay to transfer the money, and the seller will see your payment in real time!

  • Request payment

    With this kind of payment method you do not have to give away any sensitive information to the buyer, such as your bank account number. Maybe you are selling things via online auctions and ads? Then this is a good service.


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