Request payment by e-mail

Get paid easily through e-mail!
There might be times when you have to request payment from a buyer. By using payment by e-mail you will never have to share vital information to your buyer, such as bank account number etc. If you’re selling at an auction or classifieds this is the method to use.


  • Get paid without running an e-commerce

    A payment request can be sent without having an e-commerce solution or a website. It’s just your e-mail that the buyer will need to pay you.

  • Send a payment request

    Send a payment request to enable a secure payment to your Payson account, there will be no delay in the payment and you’ll get an instant notice. This is not to be confused with an invoice.

  • Get paid later

    If you are manufacturing merchandise by request there is usually a delay between the order commitment and the delivery. Using payment by e-mail it’s possible to request the payment once the merchandise is finished.



Get started in three steps

  1. Sign up for a Payson account and go to Request payment.
  2. Enter the e-mail of your buyer, a description and the amount.
  3. Your buyer receives an e-mail and we will notify you when the payment is made.