Pay by PaysonAccount


Use Payson to pay to a sellers e-mail and forget about handling account numbers. Choose a payment method that fits you, such as your internet bank or credit card. All transactions are saved in your Payson account history.


  • To use Payson

    Use your PaysonAccount when buying and selling online at sites like Tradera and Blocket, and at the thousands of other e-businesses that offer Payson.

  • Fast and secure

    All transactions are made in real-time, so the seller will get an instant notification of your payment. No more waiting on bank transfers. The security of Payson ensures that no one can see your vital information such as bank account number or credit card details. The seller will only see your name and e-mail. For extra saftey we recommend our service PaysonGuarantee™.

  • Several different payment methods

    Payson are collaborating with the largest Swedish banks and card companies to offer the payment method of your choice.



Get going in three steps:

  1. Sign up for a Payson account.
  2. Go to Send money to make your payment.
  3. Done! Now wait for your items that can be shipped immediately.