Create a payment button

Everyone can create a payment button in their Payson account, add the button to your website so that you can get paid directly. You will get an e-mail notification of each received payment and can easily check the transactions in your account. The button is based on HTML code and can be placed in one or several e-mails.

Here are a few examples of how you can use a payment button.

  • If you are selling single products

    Create a button with the product’s price and shipping costs and place it on your website to make it easy to purchase the product, if you also ask the customers to provide their shipping address as a notification during the payment – you will not require any ordering system!

  • Collection and donation

    You can use a payment button to receive any amount specified during the payment. Maybe you have followers on your blog that wants to support you and donate funds? However, charity donations require a certain permission.

  • Payment for membership

    Your members can click on the button to pay the pre-determined amount to your account. Send an e-mail with the button to all of your members when it is time to pay.

Get started in four steps:

  1. Open a PaysonAccount.
  2. Go to Integration and choose Create payment button.
  3. Enter your settings and create the button.
  4. Place the button where you want to get paid.