Payment service for B2B sales

Is your online shop active in the B2B sector – i.e. are you trading goods and services with other businesses. With Payson’s services, it’s simple to take care of your business in one place – through your PaysonAccount. Monitor all your transactions and track sales by generating statistical reports in your business account.
Register your company with just a few clicks. Within one business day, your business customers will be able to pay funds to your online shop securely.


  • Your account will be ready in less than one day.

    Selling from an online shop to other companies works in exactly the same way as selling to consumers. Registering is simple. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be ready to accept purchases within 24 hours.

  • Select the option that’s right for you

    Payson offers its customers two different payment systems. If you want to get started quickly and avoid a binding period – Payson 1.0 is the option that’s right for you. If instead you want a seamlessly integrated checkout experience for your online ship with an increased conversion rate, you should select Payson Checkout.

  • Select the payment method that’s right for your business customers

    Depending on what your online shop is selling, your business customers can request various types of payment options. Review popular options for your customers and then choose from the six options.



Get started in three simple steps:

  1. Open a business account.
  2. The account will be activated within one business day.
  3. Connect Payson to your online shop.