Send a bill by e-mail

Do you want to receive payments without using an e-commerce system? There are moments when you also need to get paid before an order has been placed in your e-shopping system. Then request a payment via Payson so that the buyer can pay directly to your Payson account simple and fast. The buyer receives an e-mail and can with a simple click pay the amount directly to you. Without disclosing sensitive information to the buyer, such as your bank account number.

This is a good service for those who sell goods via advertisements or online auctions!

  • Get paid without having a webshop

    A payment request can easily be sent, and you do not have to sell the goods via an e-shop or an ordering system. It is simply an e-mail that the buyer uses for making payments. The buyer does not need to already have a Payson account.

  • Send a bill

    Is somebody supposed to pay you? Make a Payment Request and the buyer can easily complete the payment to your account. You avoid waiting and will directly see when a payment has been made.

  • Pay upon delivery

    If you manufacture goods on order, or have some delay before your products are ready for delivery, you can simply request payment of individual customers when it is time to pay.

Get started in three steps:

  1. Open a Payson account, then go to Transfer and choose Charge.
  2. Enter the e-mail address of the person that will pay you, the amount and a description.
  3. The e-mail will be sent to your buyer and you will get notified right away when the payment has been made!