Create a payment button


Anyone can create a payment button to place at a homepage or in an e-mail. You’ll get a payment notification for each payment to your Payson account. Below are some examples of use.


  • When selling only a few products
    Create a payment button for each product with its total price including shippingfee and place it at your homepage.
  • For donations
    Create a button with blank amount, enabling the buyer to state the desired amount to pay. Useful at your blog or homepage.
  • Membership fee payments
    Send a e-mail to all of your members and include a payment button of the membership fee. Use the excel download of account activity to verify the payments if they’re many.


Get started in four steps

  1. Sign up for a Payson account
  2. Go to Integration and select Payment button
  3. State the amount and create the button
  4. Place the button/code where you want it