One checkout - all payment methods

Payson Checkout is designed to maximize the number of conversions. With our new and fast payment method we have discarded all unnecessary steps in the checkout process to increase your sales. The payment window is nicely embedded into your e-shop, where the customers can pay with just one click!

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"We appreciate the personal relationship with Payson and the responsiveness to our requests for development. From the start, their attitude has been accommodating, where they have asked how they can adapt to our business, rather than pushing us into ready-made solutions.”


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“There are an incredible number of payment solutions online, but my advice is to use a solution where everything happens automatically. With Payson Checkout everything is included and I never have to spend time investigating whether the customer has paid. Payson takes care of all that, which is really advantageous”


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“Payson is an obvious partner when it comes to payment solutions. Simple setup and low fees make it easy to get started. We use Payson Checkout, which has increased our conversion rate by just over 15%. We at Strängbutiken highly recommend Payson!”

Max, Strä

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Easy administration

All orders are managed in the same way in Payson Checkout, as we'll mediate the customer’s shipping address after the order has been completed - all you have to do is ship the order! Regardless of how and if the customer have paid for their order, the order amount will be settled to your Payson account after 10 days.

Keep track of the development of your e-commerce easily in your business account. Check your sales with smart functions and generate monthly reports. You can also get help with marketing! Read more about Marketing when you have signed in.

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Easy to use

All payment methods
are included

Sell to consumers and businesses

No fixed fees

Payson is a part of Svea Bank

Payson started out in 2004 in order to help private individuals and companies that wanted to receive or transfer money in an easy and secure way. Today, we're one of Sweden’s leading companies in payments with millions of users and thousands merchants. Since 2012, Payson has been a part of Svea.

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