Charge easily online

Payson is one of Sweden’s leading companies for payments online. Here, both e-traders and private individuals get access to secure online payments.

With Payson’s payment solution for e-commerce, Payson Checkout, you will cover the whole payment market with one single agreement. Here e-traders will get access to all kinds of payment methods and will get started within 24 hours. Nothing else is needed! Payson has over 10 years experience of secure online payments and tens of thousands of connected e-shops and satisfied customers.
Come along you too!

Payson Checkout

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Grow with us

Payson stays alongside you the all the way. It doesn’t matter if you’re already selling in large volumes or have just started out on a slightly smaller scale. As your online shop grows and sales increase, your fee is automatically lowered. Also, at each step, you’ll have customisable marketing opportunities.

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