Receive card payment

The most popular payment method online is card payment. With Payson Checkout your customers can choose to pay their purchase directly by card. The card payment is performed in real time and simultaneously ends up in your Payson account without delay. With Payson Checkout you will automatically gain access to payments with Visa and MasterCard in Swedish SEK and Euro without having to sign a separate acquiring agreement. Payson also supports 3D-Secure technology which provides high security card payments.

  • The world’s most widely used payment method

    Did you know that card payments are the most common and most requested payment method in the world? An e-shop that provides customers to pay by card receives more completed purchases. With Payson Checkout you get paid directly in SEK and Euro with Visa and MasterCard that are available in many forms (credit card, debit card, bank card and prepaid card).

  • Easy administration in your Payson account for businesses

    In your Payson account you can easily keep track on your received payments. Here you can also manage any repurchases and returns. If a customer has made a repurchase, you can easily credit the purchase to the customer, fully or partially.

  • High conversion

    Payson Checkout is designed to maximize sales and give your customers a shopping experience without any complications. To make customer registration easier, Payson will deliver the customer’s shipping address and order details directly to your e-shop. Your customers also have the opportunity to connect their cards to their private Payson account which makes future purchases easier!

Get started in three steps:

  1. Create a business account.
  2. The account is activated within one working day.
  3. Connect Payson Checkout with your e-shop.