Payson invoice

Offer your customers to pay by the principle of receiving the merchandise and paying later, by invoice. The customer choose to pay by invoice and when you ship the merchandise Payson will send the invoice by e-mail. Any purchase higher than 300 SEK can also be paid in installments (available to Swedish companies).


  • Cost efficient

    There are no starting fees or monthly fees, you will only pay us when you are actually selling.

  • No risk

    You will always get paid regardless of when the customer pays, Payson will take the risk of credit loss and fraud.

  • Easy administration

    Payson will handle everything from credit rating to sending the invoice and any reminders. You only have to state the order as shipped – we’ll do the boring part.



Get started in three steps:

  1. Sign up for a business account and select the invoice option.
  2. Sign the additional agreement after the account is approved.
  3. When signed you’ll be activated within 24 h.