Charge by invoice

Offer your private and business customers the most sought after payment option on the market, to pay by invoice*. With PaysonInvoice the customer will first receive the goods at home and then pay by invoice afterwards. While you are sending the goods we will e-mail the invoice to the customer. All purchases over SEK 300 can also be paid by the customer by using partial payment*. PaysonInvoice is an add-on to Payson Checkout and can be displayed individually or together with Payson’s other payment methods.

* Available for Swedish customers.

Betala med faktura


  • Cost-effective

    With PaysonInvoice you avoid startup costs and monthly fees, you only pay when you have gotten paid.

  • No risk

    You will always get paid, whether the customers pays or not, and Payson takes the credit and fraud risk.

  • Flexible administration

    Payson manages the whole process, from credit control and invoice mailings to reminders and follow-ups. You only need to indicate that the goods have been shipped – we take care of the rest.



Get started in three steps:

  1. Create a business account and indicate that you are interested of invoice payments.
  2. You will immediately receive an e-mail with a supplementary agreement for the invoice service.
  3. You will be activated within 24 hours after the agreement has been approved.