Payment by e-mail

Get paid easily through e-mail!
There might be times when you have to request payment from a buyer. Using payment by e-mail you will never have to give sensitive information to you buyer, such as your bank account numbers. If you’re selling by auction/ad or phone this is the solution to use.


  • Get paid without owning an e-commerce

    A payment request can be sent without having to use an e-commerce solution or a site. It’s just an e-mail that the buyer will use to pay you.

  • Send a bill

    Does someone needs to pay you? Send a payment request to enable a secure payment to your Payson account, there will be no delay in the payment and you’ll get an instant notice. This is not to be confused with an invoice.

  • Payment later

    If you are manufacturing merchandise by request there is usually a delay between the order commitment and the delivery. Using payment by e-mail it’s possible to request the payment once the merchandise is ready.



Get started in three steps:

  1. Sign up for a Payson account and go to Request payment.
  2. Enter the e-mail of your buyer, a description and the amount.
  3. Your buyer receives an e-mail and we will notify you when the payment is made.