Partial payment

Offer your customers the opportunity to use partial payments for their purchases (available for Swedish customers). Customers that can use partial payments on their invoice gets more room to shop more resulting in a higher average order. Customers that shops for over SEK 300 can, with Payson Checkout, choose to divide their payment on 3-12 months, interest free.



  • Choose term of payment

    Consumers are offered partial payments for purchase sums over SEK 300, and can choose to pay for a period of 3, 6, 12 or 24 months*.

  • Automatically activated

    As an e-trader you will automatically get access to the payment method partial payment when you choose Payson Checkout.

  • Appreciated by the customers

    Many customers appreciate the possibility to divide their payment for larger purchases. It also gives more space to shop more – In Payson Checkout all e-traders will automatically gain access to the payment method PaysonPartialPayment with purchases larger than SEK 300.


Get started in three steps:

  1. Create a business account.
  2. The account is activated within one working day.
  3. Connect Payson Checkout with your e-shop.

* You can read more about the terms for consumers here.