Secure technology

Since we handle large sums we have extremely high demands on the level of security. We are using a secure payment system and along with our partners we’re constantly monitoring all transactions. The card transactions are connected to the 3D-secure technology and encryption of 128Bit. The system is based on Microsoft.NET. Payson is validated by Trustwave and Symantec.


Secure services

Just as important as using a secure technology is the security of our services. PaysonGuarantee™ is an example of how we enable secure purchases. There are also certain ethical demands to use our services, read about these in the General Terms and Conditions.

Four rules to secure transactions

  1. Use common sense. If a deal sounds “to good to be true” it probably is. Sure, you can make a bargain but there is a limit.
  2. Ask the seller his/her name and phone number and validate the information by a lookup service such as or
  3. Most sites for buying and selling use a type of feedback system -use this to look into the sellers previous transactions. Contact the customer support of the site for more information.
  4. Never pay in advance to an un-known bank account. Use a service like PaysonGuarantee™ instead, where the funds are transferred after delivery.

Cookies at

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Cookie Beskrivning Livstid
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Mixpanel Mixpanel is used to analyze our customers’ behavior in PaysonCheckout to continuously make the payment experience better. The data stored cannot be used to identify you. 1 year
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Changes to this document

Payson’s use of cookies may change and we recommend that you visit this page regularly if you are interested in our use of cookies.

This cookie information was updated on March 1st 2016.