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Since we manage big amounts of money every day, extreme demands are put on our security systems. Therefore, we use a secure system for payments and together with our partners we continuously monitor all transactions. All card transactions are based on the bank’s 3D-Secure technology and the encryption is 128 bits. The development environment for interfaces and the supporting technology is Microsoft .NET.
Payson is certified by the security companies Trustwave and Symantec.


Secure services

PaysonGuarantee™ is an example on how we create secure e-commerce for our customers. Learn more about how PaysonGuarantee™ works here. In order to use Payson’s services we make ethical demands. Read more about this in our Terms of Service.

Four tips for safer e-trading:

  1. Use common sense. If an offer seems too good to be true then it probably is. Sure, you can make good deals on the Internet, but even here there is a limit. Verify the goods’ normal price on sites such as or to get an idea if the offer seems credibly or not.
  2. Ask for the seller’s name and telephone number and verify that the person exists. Search for example on or
  3. Most of the serious pages for buying and selling have some form of grading of their users so you can see which ones are serious. Contact their customer support if you feel unsure regarding your purchase.
  4. Do not pay in advance to an unknown bank account – instead, use a safe payment service that wires the money to the seller after you have received the goods, e.g. with the service PaysonGuarantee™. uses cookies

When you are using Payson’s services, you agree to receive Payson’s “cookie”. If you have chosen to accept cookies in your browser, a small text file is saved on your computer and is used so that you will experience the website in the best possible way. With cookies we can save information regarding your visits, which will make your experience on Payson’s website improve. We do not save any sensitive personal data in our cookies. A cookie has an expiration date and when it is reached, the cookie will be deleted. You can affect the management of cookies yourself under the Help menu in your browser.

Cookie Description Lifetime
Google Used for remarketing, which means that you will be reminded of your visit at Payson on other sites. 2 years
Google Analytics We use Google Analytics to see how our visitors use our page. The data we save cannot be used to identify you, and you are completely anonymous. The information is gathered and saved by Google. 6 months
Imbox Imbox is our chat client which makes it possible for you, during certain times, to chat with our support department. 30 days
Payson site We save the language you prefer on Payson’s website. We also save information regarding whether you are logged in or not. 1 year
Mixpanel We use mixpanel to analyze behaviors in our Checkout to be able to continuously improve our service. It is not possible to identify you based on the data that is being saved. 1 year
This cookie comes from our like button in the footer. Read more about Facebook’s privacy police at:
3 months


Changes to this statement

Payson’s usage of cookies may change and we therefore recommend that you visit this site regularly to keep yourself updated on how we use cookies.
The cookie information was updated on March 1, 2016.