Payment to multiple receivers

Do you need to split a transaction to several receivers? Not a problem – we’ll help you. The split is made in real time and each receiver will administer his/her respective part. This service can be useful to portals and/or in cases where there is more than one seller.


  • Easy and secure

    The system of Payson is easy to use, for both the buyer and the payment receivers.

  • Multiple receivers

    The payment is made in real time and each receiver has to sign up for a Payson account which they will administrate separately.

  • Flexible

    The person that owns the technical integration will be responsible for all payments and select how to divide them. Each receiver can handle their payments for statistics and refunds in their Payson account.


Get started in three steps:

  1. Sign up for a Business account.
  2. Go to integration to collect your integration keys.
  3. At the section Receiver Details in the API documentation you will find more technical information.