Payment to multiple recipients

Do you need to split a payment on several recipients?
No problem – we will help you. The division takes place in real time and every PaysonAccount can administrate their part of the transaction. This can, for example, be helpful during payments via portals or for revenue sharing.


  • Simple and secure

    Payson’s payment system is simple and safe to use. Both for the user that makes the transaction and for the payees.

  • Multiple recipients

    The payment is made in real time and the recipients of the payment only need to open one PaysonAccount each, that they administrate themselves.

  • Flexible

    The owner of the integration decides how much of the transaction to be received by the other recipients. The recipients can administrate their own payments and handle reporting, refunding and statistics.



Get started in three steps:

  1. Open a business account and wait for the account to be approved within 24 hours.
  2. Go to Integration to retrieve your integration keys.
  3. In Payson’s API documentation under Receiver Details you will find information regarding how you can add more payment recipients.