Payment by SMS

When your customer is on the move, and don’t have access to bank card readers or other tools, it is convenient to still be able to pay without any complications. It is always possible to pay with mobile friendly Payson Checkout 1.0. The customer can choose to pay for their purchase via WyWallet by SMS (available in Sweden, the maximum amount for SMS payment is SEK 700). This is performed by approving the payment with a code that is sent by SMS and the purchase will be charged in the ordinary phone bill. Simple and without complications for smaller purchases.



  • Included as standard

    The option to pay using a mobile phone is standard in Payson Checkout 1.0 and for qualified e-traders, and automatically presents SMS payments. The customer’s payment is directly registered in your PaysonAccount, with a fee according to the regular price list.

  • High conversion

    More and more payments are made by mobile phones and other portable devices, so it is important that these customers are able to perform the transaction. We provide several special payment options for these customers, e.g. deposited balance, connected debit/credit card and SMS via WyWallet.

  • Perfect for smaller payments and services

    During purchases for smaller amounts, the customer is usually less inclined to pay by using, for example, an Internet bank, then it is perfect to be able to levy the purchase to the phone bill and pay it later as usual (maximum amount for SMS payment is SEK 700).



Get started in three steps:

  1. Create a business account.
  2. The account is activated within one working day.
  3. Go to Integration to collect your integration keys and connect the e-shop with Payson.